The 5 Most Common Mistakes Corporate Women Make

That Hurt Their Chance Of Promotion

(and what to do if you're making them)

It all started when...

Working as a C-suite executive, I noticed many women making the same 5 mistakes that hurt their chance for promotion.

In this guide you'll discover:

How to move forward in your career -- even if you've been stuck for awhile

What you should NEVER do as a woman working in corporate

Why being too knowledgeable might be hurting you

The WORST thing to do from one year to the next...and a whole lot more

I know firsthand how frustrating growing your career can be.

For years I struggled in reaching the next levels, despite how talented I was in my actual function.

Then I discovered the secrets to getting promoted and my career took off. I received four promotions and quadrupled my income in a few short years, and I've helped other corporate women grow their careers as well.

With this guide you'll discover what mistakes may be getting in the way of you getting the promotion, increasing your pay, and receiving the recognition and respect you desire and deserve. And you'll learn the exact steps for what to do about it!

What People Are Saying

Carrie Smith


"Before reaching out to Cassandra for coaching, I was struggling. At the height of those difficult times, Cassandra created a safe space for me, and offered me guidance, encouragement, and honest insights. Since coaching with Cassandra I've gained so much confidence and have been offered a promotion!"

Jeff Jones


"I worked with and for Cassandra over the course of several years as the scope of her leadership responsibilities progressed rapidly. At every step of her career progression, she was a magnet for leaders and staff seeking wise counsel. Her easy relational style, coupled with executive experience in global organizations make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their skills and advance their career.”

About Cassandra Shepard

Cassandra Shepard, MBA, SPHR is an Executive Coach and Life Strategist. After skyrocketing her career as an international C-suite executive in a male-dominated $850M global organization, Cassandra now specializes in working with corporate women and female entrepreneurs to build their careers and businesses by removing blocks and providing expert coaching around leadership and marketing.

Successfully coaching women to promotions and profits, Cassandra founded Shepherd+CO LLC and funneled her expertise into her Polished For Promotion and #TheDrivenGirl signature coaching systems to support other professional women to leapfrog towards what is magnificent and possible in their lives and careers, and be well-rewarded for it!

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